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At first glance, being a “filler” is not an attractive term. However, if you are thinking of a puzzle and you are missing exactly one piece, then this puzzle is doomed to fail. It will always be incomplete.

It is the same with projects, products, processes and everything that can ever arise in any way: if a part is missing, then it will never be what it should be. Then it might be something else - beautiful too - but not that. Now, for example, we can do a lot of things online, even seminars, and it works. And yet there is no meeting in one place to make the seminar an experience.

What does that mean for you now?

It is said that if we are to have “value” for someone else, it is ALWAYS important to fill the void.

This gap is the need or the need - in any case it is always a lack that someone is feeling right now. Whether that is a potential customer, a colleague, a manager, a friend: they all have a need (a competence that is missing to complete a project; a product or service that is missing to achieve a goal achieve, ...) or a need (attention, recognition, affection, affirmation, security, ...).

If you succeed in recognizing what is missing and closing the gap with your competence, your gift, your personality and you do this with awareness, then you will become really valuable to others.

And that's also the reason why I find “Brand ME” or “ICH strength” and expressions like that in connection with successful self-positioning misleading: it's not about the I at all, it's about the YOU and the WE to which I can make a valuable contribution due to my competence and personality. So if you are looking for a way to position yourself successfully during this difficult time, ask yourself:

How can I fill a gap where?

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