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This is part 3 of 3.

You say: “All well and good, but I want to bring something completely new into the world. I don't fill anyone's gap! I am completely redesigning! " Isn't that what we come together for here in the Charisma Academy? We are the designers. We want to align our minds to a certain vision in order to bring this into the world through our actions (= translation of the mind into perceptible behavior) and through our interaction with others.


Let's take one of my favorite examples: Irmgard Griess applied for the federal presidency. It was a proactive act, on the surface not filling in any gaps. She also implemented the whole thing quite well, improved her appearance and attractiveness for broader strata of the population in the course of a very short time, and impressed with strong rhetoric. Still, she missed the mark. Why? Because the majority felt no need for a woman of their style at the top of the state, but more for someone like a Heinz Fischer, a "federal father". Griess was proactive, wanted to bring something new into the world, but their offer did not close the current gap. She had overestimated the need for a woman and therefore, in her communication (as good as it might have been for some), created an insufficient picture of the gap that she would close.

Or: In 1998 I had the idea of a fair for sustainable lifestyles on off mine View of making an essential offer, namely to show people that sustainable mobility, nutrition, leisure, work and luxury (e.g. clothing) easy are feasible. I was proactive, wanted to bring something into the world, and it worked out quite well in terms of form and content. It was a wonderful fair. The visitors, however, stayed away. I had clearly overestimated the need. I had overestimated the void that opened up with my target audience each day when they were living their life. At that time, this gap simply did not exist for the “average person” to the extent I had imagined. And that's why I failed with my communication, which was completely inadequate and inadequate.

And in both of the examples mentioned, they already existed in the Part 2 mentioned two reasons why it just didn't work:

  1. the communication was inadequate or inefficient (the respective target audience was therefore unable to develop the awareness that something was missing)
  2. the gap that Griess or I wanted to close in each case simply did not exist or did not exist to the same extent (at least not in the system = target audience that we were addressing)

What does that mean for you if you are someone who wants to proactively bring new things to the world and what could that have to do with the “charisma concept”?

It means that you always have to see what you want to bring out as part of a whole and the question here too is:

What a gap I close (or fill) with what I want to bring into the world and for whom?

And here we come to the core point of "charisma" - of "your gift of grace": The gift only becomes a gift when the other person accepts it. If you either offer it wrongly (so that it is not recognized) OR offer the wrong one to those who do not want to take it, it will not develop any power.

If you want to bring something new into the world: try to answer the above question as clearly as possible and you will notice that you will get more feedback with less effort.


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