Commitment & inspiration

Gifts of grace
A new series of cinematic portraits

"Gifts of grace" celebrates the talents, the special "gifts" of people beyond digitization.

Be inspired and join in!

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Role Models
A film project that brings the protagonists of new (female ?!) types of leadership and their supporters in front of the camera

The film “Role Models” brings men and women to the curtain who dare to rethink and implement management work.

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Dreams Into Action!
A book, a hands-on activity, an event, a movement for everyone who makes things possible!

Dreams Into Action grew out of a big “I dream” which, thanks to many obstacles, has become a big “we dream”.

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Taking part is not only worthwhile for the cause, but above all for you!

Read here how one of the protagonists of the film "ROLE MODES" fared:

Dear Martina,

I just wanted to get in touch with you to say thank you very much. Not only for the wonderful calendar that accompanies me, but also for it.
Your film gave me so much wonderful encouragement from all imaginable and unimaginable sides. From colleagues, from friends, from acquaintances who not only took it as an opportunity to contact me, but? much nicer than an occasion to take courage yourself to take paths that you did not dare to do before. You gave me the opportunity to inspire them, but also gave me the opportunity to grow beyond myself, to initiate an internal women's network in the company that pushes each other, etc.etc. I was appointed as deputy. Spokeswoman for the Austrian Chapter of the Federation of German Press Spokespersons nominated, I started volunteering as a running trainer for women? and I celebrated my 40s in the certainty that I am going my own way with enormous satisfaction and relaxation.
I wish that you will continue to bring so much inspiration into the world.

All the best!