Gifts of grace
A new series of cinematic portraits.
CHARISMA arises where someone lives with DEDICATION.

"Gifts of grace" celebrates the talents and special gifts of people beyond digitalization.

Be inspired and join in!

Beyond digitization lies a country that has not yet been fully explored.

This country calls itself "human".

The idea

Charisma arises where someone lives with devotion. That is why “charisma” is called the “gift of grace”.

The Charisma concept, the basis of the Charisma Academy, has been asking the question for over twenty years:

What is your special gift and what special contribution do you therefore make to society?

Because one thing is clear: no community functions without the contribution of each individual member. But this contribution is only really meaningful for the community if it is the best that the respective member can make. EVERYONE - no matter what age and physical constitution, what origin and what material situation, has something that he or she can give to the community.

It is precisely these gifts that I am looking for and it is precisely these gifts that the new portrait series "GRACE GABIES" wants to show.

The origin

"GNADENGABEN" was created from the film "ANNA FLIEGT". For this film, whose premiere you shouldn't miss - updates will follow! - I have met so many wonderful people who, with their stories and wisdom, couldn't find a place in the film.

So the idea arose to dedicate their own series to them - and to everyone who may still come.

Do you want to inspire with your gift?

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