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Role Models
A film project that brings the protagonists of new (female ?!) types of leadership and their supporters in front of the camera

The film “Role Models” brings men and women to the curtain who dare to rethink and implement management work.

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And here is the result

The origin of the project

Wonder Woman: What if she was a real woman?

In my lecture “Wonder Woman: The Hero in a Woman's Costume” or “Wonder Woman: What if she were a real woman”, I worked out that there is currently no “woman in leadership” brand that would be suitable, a larger number addressing women and encouraging them to take on leadership positions while at the same time starting a family and taking “typical” female needs into account (e.g. wish to push things forward in a cooperative atmosphere without trench warfare and individual vanities in order to have more time for other important things).

Looking for role models!

But just because there are no well-known women who live a leadership style that suits them, it does not mean that there are no such women at all. Only recently was I able to learn the story of a personnel developer who is already in partial retirement and who has already carried out her management role part-time a long time ago - not only because the company made it possible, but because her partner also went part-time when she did both became parents. This woman did not have to worry about organizing her mother role for a moment. She never practiced the balancing act between work and private life for a moment. She never felt like she had to choose for a moment.

This film is intended to bring precisely those women and men who are breaking new ground in leadership design (!) To the curtain. I am sure that there are already many different models for a woman to live the leadership role without the nagging feeling of having to compromise somewhere, which women will regret sooner or later.

This film should give these people the stage so that others can finally find their role models and draw courage. So that more women dare to take on management positions and shape them accordingly. So that men are also allowed to define and shape their leadership role differently.

The interviews should be conducted from mid / end of August.