Charisma: The 9-week program (DE)

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My book in paperback format with a personal dedication!


? Charisma cannot be learned? is the popular opinion. And it is correct.

You can learn to inspire others with your speeches and your appearance in the short term and thus gain? Communicative charisma? Appropriately. That charisma, however, which is laid out in every person as potential and makes him effective in his uniqueness, you can only out of yourself develop.

This book accompanies you step by step over 9 weeks in developing your own charisma from the inside out.

  • First of all, it is about focusing the mind and the ability to perceive those details that make the difference between self-determined effectiveness and follow-through.
  • Then you will learn to appreciate and use your body as your best sparring partner.
  • And only in the third part do you step out into the communication room, where you consciously shape relationships through the effective use of communication.

This book is an invitation to a journey: a journey to yourself and out of yourself in order to be authentic and powerfully effective in this world.

By the way: The book is now also available as an AUDIO BOOK! e.g. on THALIA or AUDIBLE!


  • Format: A5
  • Number of pages: 212
  • Language: German
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