Dreams Into Action: The Future Reader (DE)

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THE book for all true charismatics - those who are THE CHANGES THAT THEY want to see in the world.

  • What if what you envision came true?
  • What if you created the world you dream of yourself?
  • What if your dreams weren't just castles in the air, but you had the courage to make them come true?

Then you would be a maker, a maker.


18 authors, brought together through the initiative of Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey & Christina Thomar, took this courage on March 28, 2020, in the middle of the biggest global crisis for almost a hundred years. In just one month, out of nowhere and without knowing each other beforehand, they created a book that is nothing less than a total work of art. A total work of art as an expression of what humans are capable of: exhausting something new out of nothing.

Immerse yourself in 32 future stories, fairy tales and poetic journeys of thought.

Read about a future without money, let yourself be carried away to Lisbon, Paris or Vienna after the crisis. Accompany our heroes on their new paths and dare, like them, to be mindful of yourself again. Put on a cucumber mask and experience the dialogue between tulip, leek and the cherry tree! ? Beam you up and away? in your new future, be amazed, laugh, enjoy yourself.

Let yourself be inspired by the energy of each individual story, enjoy the variety of stories and recognize yourself as a maker and as a maker.

Take a look at the book here: Dreams Into Action-Table of Contents_Foreword_Authores


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This book is dedicated to all who believe that their dreams are worth living and that humans have the power to create their own future.