Card set: 100 questions for personal branding + pocket guide for personal branding! (DE)

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Card set: “100 questions for personal branding: Create your brand” + pocket guide for personal branding!

Personal branding is almost a prerequisite for personal success today. Positioning yourself correctly and sticking to the memory of the people / target group that is important to you is necessary in order to positively stand out from the crowd of providers and experts in the same industry.

The card set offers you a so far unique opportunity to deal intensively with the fundamental questions and thus to go into the strategic implementation with conviction and clarity. (There is also additional free material for these!) You can work with the cards alone, in pairs or even in a group and with varying degrees of intensity. You can deal with one topic alone, or you can draw one card per topic.

Content: 75 cards (+ instructions) with a total of 100 questions to help you build your own personality brand

5 topics with 20 questions each:

  1. Your story: where are you from?
  2. Your talent / your gift: What makes you special?
  3. Your license number: How will you be recognized?
  4. Your communication style: how will you connect?
  5. Your reason: what is your purpose?

Printed in Austria on 100% recycled paper.

The pocket guide

helps you to structure your work even better and to create a real personal brand!

  • 36 pages
  • Format: A5
  • Language: German

Why 100 questions for personal branding and why these 5 topics?

Find out more here: Personal branding

Product sheet for download: Product sheet Personal Brand card set

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