If someone asks me why I am running this blog, it is mainly because it enables me to enter into an inspiring exchange with people. For example with Bettina, who wrote back to me last Monday that she could understand my thoughts from a moral point of view, but unfortunately they are Gap closers "Never those who are thanked and are usually ignored during promotions." And then it became clear to me that I had not carried out the thought too far and that the negative connotation of the word “gap” had simply swallowed the pride that I associated with the awareness of being “essential” for something or someone. That is why I would like to make an addition today.

For me, closing the gap combines two aspects:

  1. to be always aware that you are always part of a whole and that your own value - to put it brutally - does not exist without the whole. What I can give is only of value if someone else can take it. Unless of course I live completely withdrawn to myself somewhere in the forest. But even then I have to fit in with nature, become part of it, otherwise I won't be able to survive long.
  2. to always be aware of being exactly THE person without whom the whole thing cannot exist - at least not in this form.

And the latter leads me to the 2nd part of personal branding or the successful self-positioning, or simply the fact of making the famous "difference" want: that I make the awareness of being essential for success tangible. That I emphasize (by words and by actions) what is my crucial part. That I myself value this value highly and step out with this awareness. That I therefore also claim the positions and the remuneration that this - MY! - correspond to the value. Etc.

Of course, that doesn't always work. This value is not always recognized. But that doesn't do anything to my worth. That is in the eye of the beholder and only means one of two possibilities:

Either I haven't emphasized this value clearly enough

or the system is - still! - not ready for me (or I'm not yet in the system that suits me).

Both possibilities exist and I can work on the first one and time has to work on the second.

We don't always win immediately, but if we stick with it, we'll win the game that's right for us and close the right gap in the right whole.

The question is: by which actions does “the whole” recognize your worth? Strengthen this and you will succeed. That's for sure.

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