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Today the first live seminar took place after a little more than three months. A two-day seminar was divided into two groups of one day each. In addition, my core topic. Actually a walk.

Not at all. After three months of exclusive online operation, face-to-face training is as strenuous as the first online training two months ago.

The negative about it?

Confirmation of a well-known rule: everything is a matter of habit. If you don't do something regularly, you will lose the habit and the activity will need more energy again.

The positive thing about it?

Confirmation of the same well-known rule: everything is a matter of habit. When you start creating one, it always means an effort. As soon as something is habitual, it becomes easy.

What can be learned from it:

Don't worry if something you want to do is exhausting at the beginning (regardless of whether it is a certain activity, a certain inner Attitude or a particular Behavior is). The more often you do it (in the new form), the easier it will be for you and the more naturally you will use it.

So just start and when it gets you tired, pat yourself on the shoulder and celebrate your first step. (Incidentally, my co-organizer of Dreams Into Action, Christina Thomar, recently reminded me of these last two. I had lost the habit of doing so, so with today's post I have a reminder for myself - and for you! - set…)

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