Where personal charisma and personal brand meet

To your success!

And authenticity is what we want.

At a time when personal branding is misunderstood and abused by many as an instrument of extreme self-marketing, the need to surround oneself with "real" people, with experts who do not believe us to be what they are not, is growing. more and more urgent.
We see this in a revolt against “perfection”, in a call for the imperfect. All too often the need for “authenticity” and genuineness is reversed to the other extreme, namely a neglect of details, a leveling of high demands and quality standards downwards, a laissez-faire style towards oneself and others .
True expertise, which is worthy of “personal branding” at all, also needs the claim to perfection, the claim to mastery - whatever perfection and mastery look in the respective area.
We have to understand that “perfection” is not a synonym for “artificiality”, but is just an intermediate stage on the way to excellence and an expression of our personal will to achieve the highest possible degree of mastery in an area.
The aim of POST PERSONAL BRANDING is to recognize where it is worthwhile to develop CHAMPIONSHIP and to reach a level of EXCELLENCE that goes beyond any perfection, because excellence brings one thing:
And only what is easy feels authentic again and is conveyed with an authenticity that captivates others and casts them under a charismatic spell.
The combination of excellence and lightness creates an authentic personality brand that develops charismatic power.
In the following Q&A you will find out everything you need to know to decide whether this “MASTER CLASS” is right for you.

All you need to know
to decide for the master class

To what extent do personal charisma and personal brand meet in this master class?

Charisma means "gift of grace" and means the gift of God that only you have received in order to make your own personal, unique contribution in this world. And the mission, to which I have been committed to the Charisma Concept since 1996, is to support as many people as possible to reflect on their gift of grace, to strengthen it, to develop it and thus to be powerfully creative in this world .
Building a personal brand also means becoming aware of your own unique abilities and deciding to make them visible in an unmistakable form.
In a previous video, I explained the difference in such a way that when developing a personal brand, I focus the world's gaze on myself and my skills and make it clear why “the world” needs me. - When developing personal charisma, however, I look to the world and try to understand how I can use my uniqueness to change this world.
  1. recognizing my uniqueness
  2. to understand what “the world” needs and to see what I can cover from it and whether I want that
  3. to be clearly visible as the “only option”
  4. consciously exerting influence when in the new position and shaping the world according to my vision
So we are in the interplay between personality focus and world focus. This is exactly the moment when we go beyond pure self-marketing and decide to become authentically visible and effective.

What is the goal of the PPP masterclass?

  1. Establish your unique selling proposition and where you can (and want!) use your skills and your way of being most effectively.
  2. You will develop a guiding vision that is able to sustain you over the long term.
  3. You will develop sovereignty and competence in appearance.
  4. You will learn to wow others and inspire them with your ideas and offers through purposeful, skilled communication.
  5. You will become potential customers, employers, mentors and the like. search, select and become visible to them.
  6. And ideally, at the end of this master class, you end up with the job or assignment that you always wanted to have OR maybe you decide on a completely new path, for which you are well prepared thanks to our work.

What is the content of the master class?

The content of the PPP master class follows the normal personal branding process and goes beyond it:

  1. Build the FOUNDATION
    • Your story
    • Your values
    • Your vision and your mission
    • What sets you apart
    • What else you have still to develop
  2. Develop and implement the STRATEGY
    • Your looks and appearance
    • Your communicative actions
    • Your presence in public space and in the various channels: selection and conscious increase in your visibility
    • How to find out who is looking for you (external experts, among others, make their skills available to you)
    • Selection of the right clients, employers and mentors
    • Methods that will help you persevere

How long does the PPP masterclass last?

Four months. The next master class begins on January 11, 2021 and ends on May 11, 2021.

Why is this master class taking so long?

Because the aim is that in these four months you will not only build the foundation for your future success, but also for your future life. It is about removing everything from your life that does not belong to you and bringing everything into focus and strengthening that which makes you central.

We all live in patterns that we need time to change. And personal branding is a process that also takes great courage.

It takes courage to go your own way and to become visible AND to influence this world.

How much time do I need to invest?

Over a period of 4 months - almost 18 weeks - you have to plan time for the following activities:

  1.  A new lesson every week, conveyed by video and documents, which give you the theoretical basis as well as the practical tools and exercises for implementation.
  2. one live call per week (if you miss once, it doesn't matter, but you should attend regularly)
  3. Communicate with me so that you can benefit from my personal feedback


What is the advantage of the masterclass? Why is it not enough to work with the Personal Brand card set?

The Personal brand card set is included in the master class and will also provide you with significant support in your work. However, what is missing when you work alone is to sort the answers you have gained with professional support, to go into depth and to clarify which conclusions you should actually draw.

If you work alone, you are alone and the risk is that you will stop halfway.

In the master class you can also let yourself be guided, you don't have to decide everything by yourself, you don't have to put everything in perspective, you don't stand alone at hurdles.

In the master class, you can be certain that you will have reached your goal in four months if you keep participating and take our joint effort seriously.


But you can try out the Personal Brand card set beforehand and if you decide to take part in the masterclass, the purchase price will be deducted from the price of the masterclass.

How much does the masterclass cost?

When we find out during the free consultation find out that this master class is right for you and YOU are the right person for this master class, then you invest? 380, - (incl. VAT) for this joint process.

Why can't I decide on the course right away, but can only book the clarification interview here?

Correct. Unlike with other online offers, you cannot decide to participate immediately and spontaneously. You have to take time for a free consultation with me.


very simple: if you come to my master class, I will take responsibility for you and your process during this time and through my content. I want to make sure that you are aware that you too have responsibility for yourself. I want to make sure that we tread a common path, on which we are on the way as partners, towards the same goal.

If either there is an imbalance in the partnership or we have different goals, it will not work.

In which language is the master class held?

In English - except all participants speak German. In bilateral exchanges, I am happy to follow you (and can also offer French or Italian).

Why did you use the "Siamese Fighting Fish" as the logo animal for this course?

Three points were decisive for this:

  1. The Siamese fighting fish is exceptionally attractive and powerful.
  2. It is territorial.
  3. Countless different - unique - colors and shapes were bred from one wild species.

All three points are also important for you if you are building your personal brand and go beyond that want - in the sense of the master class: authentic. Why this one? I'll let you think about it and at the latest in the master class you will find out the solution.

Do you have any more questions? Just bring them on!
I look forward to answering each one.